Consensus-based recommendations for TRD


There is no universally accepted definition of treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and the treatment of TRD varies across south-east Asia (SEA) based on various global and local guidelines. This highlights the need for developing a uniform definition as well as treatment recommendations for TRD to support the clinicians in SEA.


A SEA expert panel of psychiatrists came together for an advisory board meeting to discuss and develop consensus-based recommendations on defining TRD and managing it in clinical practice.

Role of IVC

  • Organizing the virtual advisory board meeting with the SEA panel of psychiatrists
  • Thematic literature review to summarize available evidence
  • Administration of a pre-meeting survey to ascertain clinical practice across SEA
  • Development of clinical scenarios for the definition and management of TRD
  • Achievement of consensus on the clinical scenarios using a modified RAND UCLA methodology with multiple rounds of voting
  • Working with the experts for the development of a manuscript for publication – describing the methodology and providing consensus recommendations for defining and managing TRD in SEA

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