KOL Researcher and KOL Profiler

In Vivo Communications understands that effectively identifying and nurturing the independent support of key opinion leaders (KOLs) is critical to your brand’s success. To help identify the most effective KOLs for your therapy area, we utilise our own strategic tools to bring the right individuals to your attention: KOL Researcher™, our comprehensive KOL identification framework; and KOL Profiler™, a unique KOL profiling and strategic advocacy model.

KOL Researcher
At In Vivo Communications, we employ our proven KOL Researcher framework to identify KOLs, opinion leaders and key prescribers, helping you use the right individuals for the right activities. Using our extensive network of professional contacts and our therapy area expertise, we help you identify the medical professionals most suited for joining your advisory boards, for speaking and chairing opportunities, and for first-line medical education activities.

After thorough, quantitative analysis of our own market intelligence sources, we then validate our shortlist of opinion leaders with contact-based, peer-interviewed qualitative research, accurately gauging their true level of influence in your therapy area.

KOL Profiler

The KOL Profiler tool provides an objective framework for assessing a KOL’s true decision influence and product support within a given therapy. The KOL Profiler data aggregation and targeted approach makes for swifter KOL identification, allowing you to make informed decisions on developing and maintaining relationships with opinion leaders. Using the KOL Profiler helps identify which activities will nurture and grow meaningful relationships with your chosen KOLs in order to raise the profile of your therapy area or brand and maximise your educational and marketing success.

By using our unique KOL tools, you can:

  • identify emerging KOLs
  • understand how to enhance existing KOL relationships
  • gain an objective analysis and an integrated KOL plan
  • enhance the return on your investment.