Nicotine replacement therapy

Addressing misconceptions in smoking and addiction



Although nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is effective for smoking cessation, most smokers try to quit without it. A study suggests that safety misperceptions impede the adoption of NRT in smoking cessation attempts. For example, some smokers believe that NRT is “just as harmful as cigarettes” and “NRT causes heart attacks, lung cancer, strokes and asthma”. Many GPs incorrectly assert that nicotine in cigarettes causes CVD, strokes and lung cancer.


Key initiatives

As misconceptions are a barrier for GPs to prescribe and smokers to use NRT, a campaign addressing misconceptions through a variety of media including patient leaflets, clinic posters, articles in GP journals, congress presentations and posters was launched. A multidisciplinary advisory board provided input on activities and materials.



Bobak A. Oral presentation at UKNSCC, 2005.

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